Half day trip in New Taipei City, Pinglin – English speaking guide, Departure every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


It takes about ONLY 50 minutes from prosperous Taipei City to Pinglin.

Colorful Tour is going to take you to the hometown of tea. At the same time, immersing yourself entirely in the century aroma of tea.

Tour Highlight


Tea Plantation & Factory Guide

By visiting century tea plantation and private tea factory, you can learn about the historical development of tea manufacture, tea cultivation, and tea culture.


Secret Spot

Here is the shooting place of Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe’s advertisement. You can definitely admire wide scenery of Pinglin from here.


Tea Tasting

It’s a special chance to try the classic and exclusive tea dishes. The delicacies will tickle your taste buds!


Century Old Street

Pinglin Old Street retains its unique serenity. Fujian style architectures and local beliefs are both worth seeing. The Egret Apartment which is located at the old street entrance is also a highlight.


Baoping Temple

Baoping Temple was built in 1861. It worships “Arctic Xuantian God". The local residents deeply believe that Xuantian God is not only trustworthy, but also has magical power of curing diseases. It can always bless Pinglin forever.


Tea Savoring

Visiting the tea shop and enjoying a cup of local tea. The tea brewer will teach you how to savor tea. At the same time, you can try their homemade refreshment.


Half day Trip|Itinerary

10:00 / Gathering

10:30 / Century Tea Plantation

11:30 / Shooting Place of Hiroshi Abe’s Advertisement

12:00 / Private Tea Factory

12:45 / Tea Dishes Tasting

13:30 / Century Old Street, Baoping Temple

13:50 / Tea Savoring Class

14:30 / Back

Tour Info

  • Departure every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday only
  • Pick up: 10:00 AM (Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than schedule)
  • Gathering at East Gate 3 of Taipei Main Station
  • Duration: 5 hrs
  • Tour fare:
    2-person package / US$ up per person
    4-person package / US$ up per person
  • The price of infants under 2 years old is US$8 per person (Including insurance and handling fee)

Group Fee Includes

  1. The cost of meal, tea savoring and professional guided tour for all the tourist attractions as mentioned above.
  2. NT$2,000,000 Travel Agency Performance Bond Insurance and NT$200,000 Accidental Medical Insurance.
  3. Include driver service and chartered vehicle.


  1. Please arrive at the meeting point at 10:00 AM on time.
  2. The tour leader is excluded. There will be a local tour guide guiding the tourist attractions after arrival.
  3. This is a package tour. It’s non-refundable and it’s not allowed to select single part.
  4. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us!

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