2 day tour in Nantou, Lushan – English speaking guide


Lushan is an important connector between Nantou and Hualien. In the past, it was also the location of clash of clans.

Under the professional tour guide’s introductions, you will know about special species in Lushan and the culture of Seediq.

Tour Highlight


Wild Tea Plantation

It’s grown by natural farming methods, which is without pruning or using any fertilizer and pesticide. Through this way of growing, tea plants develop self-defense mechanisms. The tea acquires a flavor that reflects its terroir.


Savoring Tea in Mountains

Following the tea brewer to savor tea in mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Exclusive Tea Arts Experience

The tour guide, who is a lecturer of transnational psychology and tea culture, applying what she has learned to design this exclusive tea arts activity. Combining with your 5 senses, you will understand yourself more during the process of savoring tea.


Indigenous Culture – Seediq Tribe

Here is also the place that indigenous against the Japanese army in Ooshen Event. Visiting Seediq Tribe, you can see Mahebo Ancient Battleground and Mona Rudo Monument.


Nenggao Cross-ridge Historical Trail

It’s one of the three famous trails in middle of Taiwan. You will visit Yunhai Line Station, which is an important relay station.


Natural Open-air Hot Spring

Lushan Hot Spring is also known as the top hot spring of the world. The water is weak alkaline carbonate and the temperature is between 55℃ and 75℃. You can be surrounded by mountains and relax yourself here.


2 day tour|Itinerary

Gathering → Exclusive Tea Arts Experience →  Seediq Tribe → Hotel check in →  Dinner

Taiwan famous movie “Seediq Bale”, which is directed by Wei Te-Sheng, was released in 2011. It’s set in Japanese colonial period. The plot is adapted from the comic “Ooshen Event” of Chiu Ruo-Lung. As a result, the movie puts Seediq on the map. The key person of Ooshen Event is Mona Rudo, who is also Seediq. At that time, he was the leader of Mahebo. We especially invite the local Seediq guide. You’ll understand the history of Seediq, their lifestyle and culture under the teacher’s introductions.

Breakfast → Tunyuan Trailhead → Yunhai Line Station → Lunch → Tunyuan Trailhead → Natural Open-air Hot Spring → Return to Taipei

Tunyuan Trailhead is the western starting point of Nenggao Cross-ridge History Trail. Walking on the trail, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The destination will be Yunhai Line Station. It’s not only an important rest stop for hiking, but also full of meaning. In early years, people built east-west tie line to transmit electricity. This construction contributed to economy of Taiwan. Therefore, it’s also called “Taiwan Great Wall".

Please note:

1. Collapse may happen due to the adverse weather conditions. For safety, the local guide will arrange alternative. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

2. Prepare your own swimwear, bath towels and antiskid slippers or sandals. (Need to pass the riverbed)

Tour Info

  • Departure everyday
    Weekday: Sunday-Thursday
    Holiday: Friday, Saturday & national holiday (Include the day before national holiday)
  • Pick up: 12:00 PM (Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than schedule)
  • Gathering at
  • Tour fare:
    1-person package / weekday price: US$185 up // holiday price: US$215 up per person
    2-person package / weekday price: US$170 up // holiday price: US$195 up per person
    3-person package / weekday price: US$155 up // holiday price: US$175 up per person
    4-person package / weekday price: US$140 up // holiday price: US$155 up per person
  • Children 2-5 year(s) share bed with adults & exclude meal, US$115 up per person.
  • Children 6-12 year(s) share bed with adults, get US$7 discount each person.
  • The price of infants under 2 years old is US$10 per person (Including insurance and handling fee)

Group Fee Includes

  1. The cost of 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, hotel and professional English speaking guided tour for all the tourist attractions as mentioned above.
  2. NT$2,000,000 Travel Agency Performance Bond Insurance and NT$200,000 Accidental Medical Insurance.
  3. Due to the road condition, we will use local truck.


  1. Please arrive at the meeting point at 12:00 PM on time.
  2. The tour leader is excluded. There will be a local tour guide guiding the tourist attractions after arrival.
  3. Hotel sets up for Double room. If you want to change it for Twin room or others, please contact us.
  4. This is a package tour. It’s non-refundable and it’s not allowed to select single part.
  5. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us!

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